Terms & Conditions


Payment Method:
I UNDERSTAND that I have the option to pay via bank transfer OR at the studio in person via cash, credit card or eftpos on or before the due date.

I AGREE to setup an Ezidebit account for security and give permission for MAPA Australia to debit my nominated Bank Account OR Credit Card if my fees are not paid in accordance with the due date on my invoice and a prior payment arrangement has not been requested.

Registration Fee:
I AGREE to pay the annual registration fees for each student that I enrol at MAPA Australia. I understand this fee covers the cost of administration, copyright and insurance costs and is non-refundable.

I UNDERSTAND this same fee applies throughout the year and if I choose to enrol in Term 4. ie. The full amount is still payable.

Tuition fees:
I AGREE to enrol and pay for the full term and understand there are no refunds for change of mind.

I AGREE that my tuition fees for each term must be paid in full prior to commencing the term or at time of enrolment. Should I wish to pay by Direct Debit, I understand that MAPA can assist with a fortnightly payment option plan. If I require a payment plan, I will enquire further and discuss the available options.

Should MAPA Australia provide a payment arrangement option, I UNDERSTAND and agree to pay for the full term, even if my child stops attending classes.

I UNDERSTAND that discounts apply only to full term enrolments.

I AGREE in the event my Term tuition fees are not paid in accordance with the due date that an additional $10 late fee for each week my fees are not paid after the due date, will be due and payable by me.

I AGREE that all term fees are non-refundable. If exceptional circumstances apply (i.e. Prolonged illness/injury, move to another state, etc.) a refund may be issued at MAPA Australia’s discretion. Any Requests for refunds must be made in writing.

Production levy:
I AGREE to pay the annual production levy of $80 per family enrolled at MAPA Australia. This fee will be separated into two payments of $40 in Term 2 and $40 in Term 4. I understand this fee covers the cost of Theatre Hire, lighting, audio and visual equipment, props, technical and professional staff including videographers, photographer and editing.


I AGREE to communicate with reception as soon as I know my child will be away. I understand there is no refund for missed classes. Any classes missed can however be made up by attending another class on the timetable within the enrolled term. I will speak to staff if I need to arrange this.


I UNDERSTAND that some classes will reach maximum capacity and I may not be able to register into all my preferred classed. If this occurs I will be informed of an alternative class or placed on the class waiting list if this is suitable for me.


I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that being part of MAPA Australia we are expected to uphold a high level of excellence in our behavior and the way we treat others at all times. I AGREE to abide and honour the Code of Conduct. I will use my best endeavors to discuss and ensure my child understands and abides by the Student Code of Conduct.

Please be mindful of your behaviour and your language and always act in a courteous, polite and respectful manner towards others. We ask that you set an example for our students by being a positive role model to your children:

  • Bring your children at least 15 minutes prior to commencement of class and rehearsals to allow sufficient time for them to prepare (use the bathroom, change, warm up, etc.).
  • Notify staff if you are going to arrive late, or if your child will be away on any class/rehearsal days.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your child arrives safely. Please accompany younger children inside the building and discuss with older children the safety measure they should take when travelling on their own, (e.g. Have them call/text you when they arrive).
  • Parent must inform staff if their child is sick or has sustained an injury. Depending on the severity, students are still encouraged to come and observe class/rehearsals, so they do not fall behind.
  • Never use foul, negative or insulting language.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and give uplifting feedback to your children and other dancers.
  • Trust and respect the professional advice/assessment/opinion of staff and teachers. Parents who are consistently rude, disruptive or disrespectful spoil the experience for other parents and students may be asked to leave MAPA and permanently remove their child(ren) from class(es). Under these circumstances, there will be no refund of fees.


  • Never use foul, negative or insulting language.
  • Act in a kind and respectful manner towards staff, teachers, parents and other students.
  • Students are expected to attentively listen to and comply with instructions provided by their teacher. Consistent disruptive behaviour, rudeness, or refusal to follow instructions may negatively impact the class experience for others. In such instances, after consultation with parents/guardians and considering appropriate measures, the student may face the possibility of being permanently removed from classes. No refund of fees will be provided under these circumstances.


I UNDERSTAND that enrolments at MAPA Australia carry over each term until the end of the school year, unless a cancellation is made in writing to withdraw at the end of any school term.

I AGREE that MAPA Australia reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of a child for the following reasons:

Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees, which has not been negotiated with the director
Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children, by a parent or child.

While we strive to accommodate diverse learning needs, in certain cases, if we find that our current staff and resources may not adequately meet a child’s specific needs, we may engage in discussions with parents/guardians to determine the most suitable path forward for the child’s benefit and overall class experience.


I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. While MAPA Australia takes all responsible care in the conduct of its classes, rehearsals and workshops, I AGREE it accepts no responsibility for personal injury, property damage, or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near MAPA Australia. I AGREE that I am responsible for ensuring that my child/children are physically and medically fit for the class and during the class and must at all times take care of their own personal safety and belongings.

I authorise MAPA Australia to act on my behalf in case of emergency and seek medical assistance including ambulance if necessary and I agree to cover any costs incurred.

I give permission for my child to be photographed and/or filmed by MAPA Australia at events throughout the year and to use these pictures on the MAPA website, MAPA newsletters, social media and in-house message boards.