Dance Studios are amongst the many businesses around the world that have been restricted from opening due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of our students and dancers described our studio as their second home and family. Our studios at MAPA were a safe place for students to pursue their passion, be inspired, connect with others and express themselves. It saddens us that many students and dancers have lost this and we want to help fill that void in any way we can.

Our Directors, Staff and team of dedicated teachers are here for you!

MAPA will continue to take enrollments for the coming term. All enrolled students, will receive a login and password to our Online Classes and content.


  • Video tutorials, including warm up, stretching, technique exercises and routines relating to each class and age group.
  • Online challenges, quizzes, trivia and activities focused on the terminology, theory and history of each genre.
  • Vocal exercises, song tutorials and backing tracks for vocal students
  • Drama games, exercises and scripts for our drama students.
  • Dance routines taught by MAPA teachers as well as guest teachers from Melbourne, Interstate and Overseas.
  • Links to online classes and resources from around the world, which are age appropriate and promote safe dance practice.
  • Invitations to LIVE stream classes, for student to learn in real time from anywhere they choose.
  • Ability to upload their videos privately to be shared with their teachers and receive personal feedback and assistance

If you are already a student of MAPA you will recieve all the relevant information via email. If you are not currently enrolled with MAPA and wish to sign up for online classes you can go to the ENROL page and choose your classes. You will also be able to see the online discounted fees from the enrol page.

ALL CLASSES FOR WEEK 1 WILL BE PRE-RECORDED and we will introduce LIVE classes from WEEK 2.

We look forward to seeing you all in the virtual world!

Much love, light and positivity to you all 🙂


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