MAPA Photo Week 2023

Get ready to shine, strike a pose, and create beautiful memories with your dance friends. Each group performing in our concert will be photographed at the studio in their costumes. This will take place on the same days you attend your regular classes, during the week of: Monday 4th – Saturday 9th September.

We have done our best to keep the schedule as close to everyone’s regular class times as possible, however in some cases you may need to arrive a little earlier and/or pick-up a little later than usual. This will give all classes sufficient time to change into costumes, rehearse their dance routines in the big studio and have their group photos taken on our backdrop in Studio 1.

Please click on your Age Group below to open the PDF document which contains your classes Arrival & Pick-Up times, Hair & Make-Up Instructions and Checklist of what to wear and bring on the day.

TINY TOTS (Click Here)
4:15pm Ballet & Jazz (Miss Sarah)
9:15am Ballet & Jazz (Miss Jade)

PRE-JUNIORS (Click Here)
4pm Ballet (Miss Donna)
5pm Jazz (Miss Dionne)
5:45pm Tap (Miss Dionne)
4pm Ballet & Jazz (Miss Sarah)
5:30pm Contemporary (Miss Sarah)
10:15am Ballet & Jazz (Miss Jade)
11:45am Contemporary (Miss Angelica)
12:30pm Hip Hop (Miss Sarah)

JUNIORS (Click Here)
4pm Contemporary (Miss Dionne)
5pm Ballet (Miss Donna)
6:15pm Jazz (Miss Sarah)
4:15pm Hip Hop (Mr Taylor
5:30pm Tap (Miss Naomi)
6:30pm Contemporary (Mr Bailey)
11:15am Hip Hop (Mr Taylor)
12:15pm Tap (Miss Jade)
1:15pm Ballet (Miss Sarah H. / Miss Sharlene)
2:30pm Jazz (Miss Angelica)
3:45pm Contemporary (Miss Angelica)

INTERS (Click Here)
5pm Jazz (Miss Sarah)
6:15pm Ballet (Miss Donna)
4:15pm Tap (Miss Naomi)
5:30pm Contemporary (Mr Bailey)
6:30pm Hip Hop (Mr Taylor)
9:15am Jazz (Miss Angelica)
10:15am Contemporary (Miss Angelica)
11:45am Ballet (Miss Sarah H. / Miss Sharlene)
1:15pm Hip Hop (Mr Taylor)

SENIORS (Click Here)
4:30pm Jazz (Miss Billie)
6:00pm Ballet (Miss Donna)
7:30pm Contemporary (Miss Billie)
5:30pm Hip Hop (Mr Taylor)